We do film safety.

Watch the video for an insight into who we are and what we do.

Our People

At Southern Safety Film and Events, we supply qualified and highly experienced Medics and Safety Officers to your project.

All of our team have up to date qualifications and current industry experience to cover all of the spontaneousness of filming.

Not only are we experienced but we aim to deliver people that can work with your project and crew rather than against it. This is to enable your project to be completed with minimal disruption and the greatest of care to Cast Crew and Producers.

Our Services

At Southern Safety Film and Events we will deliver practical solutions to complex and logistically interesting scenarios on your project. We can offer Safety systems to all types of filming situations from Oceans to Mountains to Studios, where ever you project takes you!

Facilitating in the permitting of City roads and Government health requirements we have experience in all facets of production requirements.